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PROPOSAL DEADLINE: August 30, 2019



We are excited to announce the 2019 Warrior Roots Direct Action Training Camp. This gathering will engage in preparing participants for direct action to advance grassroots organizing projects, critical conversations, and community building strategies among the people of South Texas with the shared vision of building a sustainable network of diverse communities able to mobilize, protect and defend themselves


As we imagine, create, and build on practices that radically value the resilient lives ( i.e. Indigenous people, women of color, trans & gender non-conforming people of color, immigrants, and others) this training camp seeks to:


  • Develop the skill-base of community members and organizations to provide foundational training for community organizing.

  • Expand and strengthen the communication networks, and resource centers of the people's movements in Texas.

  • Recognize accountability to the community and Mother Earth and cultivate stewards who work towards warriorship beyond activism.

  • Cultivate a praxis of decolonization in that we are restoring ancestral values and relationships that protect Mother Earth and her children.


We enthusiastically invite artists, media makers, health practitioners, advocates, young people, students, activists & community organizers, scholars & teachers, and anyone else interested in submitting a workshop or presentation to address these objectives.


This gathering will provide an opportunity for individuals and groups to problem-solve ongoing challenges and share promising strategies. We are open to workshops on any theme that is in keeping with the WARRIOR ROOTS mission to raise consciousness and develop the collective leadership skills among the people of South Texas. We welcome a variety of formats:  performances, participatory workshops, story circles, open discussions, strategy sessions, network gatherings, etc. We highly value intersectionality, interactive and grassroots community building proposals.


Please send any inquiries to warriorootstrainingcamp@gmail.com

October 11-13, 2019 : San antonio : Texas