What is Warrior Roots?


It is a space to raise consciousness and develop the collective leadership skills of people's movements, with the vision of building a sustainable network of communities capable of mobilizing to protect and defend themselves accordingly.  


Who should come to Warrior Roots?


  • Community organizers, activists, artivists and volunteers.  

  • Members of Tribal nations, affiliations or groups.  

  • Socially conscious students of all ages, educators, facilitators, and cultural promoters. 

  • Anyone interested in employing direct action and restorative strategies for change in their community.


What is different about Warrior Roots?

Warrior Roots is grounded in indigenous epistemology and decolonial practices.  Attendees will immerse themselves in skills training while embracing inter-generational experiences, indigenous lifeways and integrated healing processes.        

What should I expect at the gathering?

While at Warrior Roots you will have the opportunity to network and participate in workshops that will be interactive and accessible to all.  You will also be asked to contribute a small portion of your time to help out.  Childcare, translation and meals will be provided.  As with our vision for the future, we all help one another advance. 


What should I bring?


Bring your own plates, cups, and utensils as we will strive to create as little trash as possible over the weekend.

Bring comfortable clothes as some workshops will have those that can move around, doing so.

Also, pack your imagination, passion, solutions, and willingness to build with your fellow community members. 

I’m not sure I can afford it. Are there scholarships available?

Yes. We work to make this camp as reasonable as possible as there is no profit motive. We don't turn people away for lack of funds. You can also log volunteer hours for your organization.

There are funds set aside for travel (>150 miles) and registration for those that need them. Please email us for details. In-kind donations and offers of service are very welcome. 

Are children welcome? 

Yes. We honor our children and make space for their conversations too. Warrior Roots is accessible to families. Child care is provided and parents are welcome to volunteer. 

Are meals provided? 

Yes. We will provide dinner on Friday, through brunch on Sunday. Meals will be savory vegan goodness using local indigenous ingredients to highlight our gastronomic contributions.

What does housing look like? 

Warrior Roots provides campgrounds, with showers in the gym on-site. If there is inclement weather campers can also move to the indoor gym.

October 11-13, 2019 : San antonio : Texas